Holes in your Granny Smith

On July 20, the new national EnergyStar standards went into effect. These standards are, as expected, more stringent than the last set. They "are expected to save consumers and businesses more than $1.8 billion in energy costs over the next 5 years and prevent greenhouse gas emissions equal to the annual emissions of 2.7 million vehicles."

This is fantastic! As with the recent proposal to strengthen the CAFE Standards for the first time in 30 years, America seems to be regulating its way closer to carbon sustainability. This is change that is undeniably worthwhile, independent of the corporate expenditures needed to make it happen.

I'll give you one chance to guess what major computer manufacturer is blantantly disregarding the new conservation rules...think hard...you guessed it! Our good friend Apple computer. Not a single product in their lineup meets the new standards, though they knew months ago that this change was coming (Acer, Gateway, Lenovo, Toshiba get green points for taking heed).

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